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Examples of some generated slogans:

gentrification is crappy boss

gentrification is main kitchen

amplifier not law

interventions not space

Rotterdam not networks

balance not protest

social between factory

productive the social

social at alcohol

school not film

language not discussion

people not thing

groups is kindness

didn't volunteer to become the conflict

slogan the boundaries

see the homeless

authorities is nobody

politics is plan

presentation is money

department is giveaways

events. is market

money is network

disgust the public

people the mess

jam a dirty plenty in way

take back the waste were the dust

other the noise

noise as plan

noise of shitty

colonize the archive

colonise from west

colonize every bay


People not Things

Question this Business

Other the Noise

Gentrification = Urban Business

Take Back the Waste Were the Dust

Disgust the Public

Railroad Car All Designers

Jam a dirty Plenty in Way

Semester about World

Debug data: